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Have a look around our website and discover who we are, what we do and where we do it.  You will be pleasantly surprised with what we have to offer members, individuals, groups, couples and prospective new members.
Our members are the driving force behind our Wing.  Their dedication to the Wing is consistently demonstrated through the participation and organization of Wing events, fundraising and volunteering throughout the year, and the proud sponsorship of the 515 Air Cadet Squadron.
We currently have 132 members from all walks of life. Our Wing is opened for membership to the general public.  Click here for more information on Membership.
The Association is a national not-for-profit aerospace and community service organization composed of aviation-minded citizens established to remind Canadians of their country's rich aeronautical traditions and history, to support Canada's Air Force and to support and encourage the civil aviation component within the country.
To preserve and perpetuate the glorious traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force and all who served in it.
To provide a forum for serving and former participants in military and civil aviation.
To sponsor and encourage aeronautics in all its forms and branches.
To support Air Cadets and work closely with the Air Cadet League of Canada and to participate in local civic and community programs, especially those designed to develop the physical, mental and moral well-being of our nation's youth.
To undertake charitable and other projects of both a national and local character.
To work with the RCAF Benevolent Fund and various veterans organizations in the attainment of their objectives.
To promote and encourage responsible citizenship among all Canadians.
To advocate a proficient and well equipped Air Force in Canada.
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At the end of World War II Newfoundland's Air Force veterans returned to what was then the Dominion of Newfoundland and, after five years of a wide variety of experiences, prepared to reestablish themselves in the every day life of home. With the Dominion of Newfoundland becoming the Tenth Province of Canada on 1 April 1949, a new partnership was born opening the way for many to avail of new opportunities.
It wasn't a very large group of RCAF and RAF veterans that saw the dawning of 150 (North Atlantic) Wing in early 1951; just a handful of people who wanted to perpetuate the fellowship that they had become used to during their Air Force days. With that in mind they set out to form and build what is now, fifty years later, a strong and financially sound Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada.
Hubert Herder AFC; Stanley Melloy DFC; Wing Commander Edgar L. (Wally) Wurtele CD and Wing Commander George R. Gross, the original steering committee, applied to Royal Canadian Air Force Association National Headquarters for permission to form and become a Wing of the RCAFA in St. John's, Newfoundland. Following the completion of the necessary paper work, the RCAFA, through its National Executive Council, appointed Hubert Herder, AFC; Robert Grouchy; Harold D. Colbourne; Stanley F. Melloy, DFC; Gordon Halliday; George W. Earl; Edgar L. Wurtele,CD; George Roy Gross; Gregory O'Grady and M. Walcot Winter together with other qualified persons with them to be a Wing of the RCAFA to be known as 150 (North Atlantic) Wing.
The Wing received its charter on 18 April 1951, electing Hubert Herder as its first President, and without "a penny in the pot" the members of Canada's newest Wing began operations, slowly gathering ex-service members and, the membership grew steadily. In 1952 Herbert B. Morgan became President and one of his first tasks was to develop and write the Wing's Articles of Association and By Laws. Now, the Wing had its first constitution. It was deemed essential that a clubroom was necessary for the Wing to grow and prosper and the search began. Through the initiative of the President and the generous cooperation of Sir Leonard Outerbridge, premises adjacent to the East side of the National War Memorial (in close proximity to the famous Crow's Nest Naval Officer's Club) were made available, and the work of remodeling and refurbishing the Wing's first clubrooms began.
As the building had originally been a food distribution warehouse, considerable refurbishing had to be done to convert it into a functional clubroom. However, for the next few months the members threw their hearts and backs into renovating the old building converting a back warehouse area into a lounge; building a bar; painting, and preparing the place ready for use. As Saturday night dances with live bands; Sunday night movies; bingo and darts attracted enthusiastic crowds, the ultimate tribute came to those volunteers when after the Official Opening Night, the membership strength continued to grow and the Wing prosper.
From the early days of the Wing, one of its main goals was to support the Air Cadet Movement. Many members took an active role as Officers and Instructors in the four St. John's Squadrons which eventually became #10 Wing Royal Canadian Air Cadets. These members have fond memories of their training days with the thousands of cadets who have benefited from the program over the past fifty years. 150 RCAF Wing continues to be the proud sponsors of 515 North Atlantic Squadron RCAC, and the members of the Wing have workde countless hours fundraising to ensure their the Squadron has the funds needed to continue to provide a first class program.
The Wing operated in this location into the mid 60's but the time had arrived when the clubroom was deemed to be inadequate. It was then that the Wing was able to lease and relocate to Building 565, Pleasantville (the former wartime Fort Pepperell/Pepperell Air Force base) where we remain to this very day.
During the Presidency of William Moores, the title to this building and property was transferred from the Provincial Department of Public Works and Services on 21 June 1988 and registered 22 September 1988. So, the job of renovating and refurbishing a new Wing Headquarters began anew. With the outstanding support of the many volunteers there have been great changes over the years, and the Headquarters is now one of which we are all very proud. Today's Wing offers a wide variety of activities for its members; dinner dances; dinner theaters; a dart league; golf tournament; BBQ's; a program that has something for everyone. It is a place that caters to the changing needs of its members while remaining true to the aims and visions of those who founded it. The support of our youth through the Air Cadet program and the perpetuation of the fellowship found through their association with he RCAF and Canada's Air Force remains.
As Association membership of RCAF veterans across Canada began to wane in the 1970's, 150 (North Atlantic) Wing was no exception. The challenge of declining membership was addressed by amending the regulations and welcoming more "Associate members" into the Wing.
At the 1993 National Annual General Meeting the decision was made to change the name from RCAFA to the Air Force Association of Canada effective 1 July 1994. Therefore, 150 Wing's name was changed to 150 RCAF (North Atlantic) Wing - AFAC at that time. Over the past few years and today, 150 Wing continues to maintain a small increase in membership each year. As it was in 1951, the thing that draws these people together, young and old, is their interest in aviation and the desire for friendship and fellowship of likeminded people.
Written by: Sid W. Butler
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