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June 2014
As the Wing's Executive Council's term of office comes to a close, we see another positive year ending. Our volunteer members have worked very hard, dealing with tough challenges at every turn. Now, s we enter our final quarter, these challenges will no doubt persist.
Meantime during the past year, we have continued our program with the help and support of many of our members.
The Bridge and Auction Afternoon Teas continue to bring in record numbers of guests and good revenues.
Our Friday Night Mixed Dart League continues to be a great source of enjoyment for the members who participate. Summer Darts are planned again and get much good feed back from the participants. Similarly, with your help, we continue to have great success with our twice yearly Flipper / Prime Rib Dinners.
Last year we said we would have to rethink our approach to planning dinners and dances, as the numbers of guests attending were continually dwindling. With some good foresight, our Ways and Means Committee came up with a new approach to these events, and pursued a local band that promotes the old and the new in local music and entertainment. The result as you know was a success, with record numbers attending our Valentines Dinner and Dance. Tickets were a sellout. Again in April, using The Generations, we offered them our facilities to promote their new CD. This is the first time we ever used our Wing in this manner and we had some concerns. On the contrary, this approach brought on another success, with record sales on our Bar. It also provided good PR for the Wing and its facilities. More of the same is planned, with our Regatta Day BBQ and Dance in upcoming August.
Our TGIF Dinners are popular, but we need more volunteers to work on them. Meantime our After 5 Dinners are doing well.
Our building needs are ever present and important. While we have made significant progress, there is still much to be done to bring the building up to a reasonable standard. We need volunteers badly to make some head way.
Our Scholarship fund is growing steadily and over the years many of our members continue to donate to the fund in memory of departed loved ones. Meantime we were very disappointed this year when we were advised by Memorial University that we did not have any applicants for the scholarship this year. To compensate, if the earnings of the fund are reasonable, we will ask MUN to select two winners In 2015.
As our fiscal year for 2013/2014 will end in June 30th 2014 and not all our current WEC members will be returning to serve on the executive and we will need some members to fill the positions vacated. The Nominating Meeting is set for May 28th at 8:00 pm at the Wing. Please consider serving on the Wing executive. We always need new people to bring fresh ideas to the fore. Liz Moores is heading up the Nominating Committee along with Norm Macfie, Ev Price and Marge Hannon. Contact one of them and submit your name.
Our AGM is set for Friday, June 13th. We'll start the business meeting at 5:00 pm and finish up with a BBQ . Details wall be published shortly. Try to attend. It's not only an enjoyable afternoon and evening, but also keeps you up to date on the operation of the Wing, financially and socially.
On a more personal note, as my term in office comes to an end, I would like to acknowledge the support of you our members, the Executive Council, our volunteers and our contributors.
As well, a big thanks to our wonderful team Jeanne and Clayton Collins.
Thanks for supporting our efforts and making my term as President a pleasant and memorable one. Sincere Regards to all.
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