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March 2008
The New Year finds us in a challenging survival mode at the Wing. Membership participation in many of our fundraising events has been disappointing. We count on these functions to generate much needed revenue.
Several of our tried and true volunteers have had to hang up their hats for health-related or personal reasons, so the Executive will be personally calling on members to get involved in various areas.
The operation of a Wing with 125+ members, numerous fundraising events, unforeseen but inevitable maintenance issues, plus the day to day running of the Wing, is not a job that can be done by a handful of members. We count on each member to volunteer to help out in some form or another, whether it is a huge job or small.
It is important for everyone to be involved to some degree or another, so that all of the work is not left to a handful of members. It is important that the jobs are split as equally as possible between all our members, or else people will become frustrated, overextended and burnt out.
A classic example is our ongoing search for volunteers to help with the TGIF dinners. Bluntly put, this is why they have not been held since last Spring. We do not expect members to volunteer for each dinner. With a sufficient number of volunteers to help cook and serve, then each member would only have to volunteer once or twice a season. Volunteering in Wing activities is not meant to be a chore, but rather a social time to get together with friends, meet new people, have a rewarding experience, and gain the satisfaction of doing something constructive for the Wing and your fellow members.
What is EXPECTED and needed from all our members:
  • Increased involvement in fundraising activities
  • Increased attendance at Wing Events
  • Spread the word to friends, family and colleagues regarding Wing events and rental opportunities
  • Promote Wing membership to relatives friends and colleagues
  • Ideas and suggestions for new and innovative fundraising events
Our 2008 Atlantic Group Annual Convention this May is drawing near and there is plenty left to do. We are counting on all our members to lend a hand in showcasing our Wing and Province to the rest of Atlantic Canada. An agenda of activities will be posted at the Wing and in Wingspan as details become finalized.
My hat goes off to the Wing Executive Council, Jean and Clayton Collins and all the tireless volunteers for their unwavering help and support. It's because of your efforts that we have come this far.
Remember...the future of our Wing is in your hands.
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